About Endovative

Providing cost-effective alternatives for Design, Engineering and Consulting services in the Medical Industry.

Endovative LLC is a company created to provide engineering services and solutions to the Medical Industry. Our company focuses on delivering technical support in 2 key areas: Consulting and Design. Our mission is to provide low cost and fast engineering solutions to the design and manufacturing needs in the medical field.

We are a versatile group of experienced design and project engineers with skills in leading cross-functional teams, justifying new product development investments, determining and documenting new product requirements, developing sales forecasts and product pricing, and supporting the launching of new products to the marketplace.

Our Vision

Our vision is to meet the customer’s needs creating innovative solutions at a cost efficient price and fast turn around time. 


The Consulting Team

Endovative LLC offers strong expertise in design, research & development while being cost-effective to meet the specific deliverables to our customer. We focus on what we call “overflow” work. With solid technical & project management skills, we can turn around jobs fast, efficiently, and with the highest quality to meet your needs and your customer’s needs.

We are a great outsourcing alternative and resource. If your company is looking for an alternative, we are ready to help you!

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The Design Team

Endovative LLC offers various solutions in all levels of the product development cycle. Our own ideas and designs are tailored to the everyday needs of medical consumers. We provide real solutions at affordable prices. Our portfolio offers a variety of cutting edge & competitive technology in the current market.

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